Virtual CIO Services

Turn your technology into a strategic advantage

Your business depends on technology for customer engagement, inventory management, employee productivity, marketing, sales, and more. Its impact is critical to your success, but you don’t have time to become the technology expert necessary to ensure your operations are optimized and your strategies are fulfilled and aligned with your goals.

Tech Turnaround’s virtual CIOs expertly match your business needs to technology potential. We work closely with you to create and monitor your business IT strategy. This even includes a technology roadmap and budgeting to make sure that your plans stay grounded in the reality of your business. Through the expertise and analysis of our vCIOs, we’re able to turn your technology into a strategic advantage for your business, helping you to outperform your competitors.

You need a business IT partner that knows the ins and outs of your business.

Tech Turnaround’s Virtual CIO Services let you:

  • Strengthen your team – Your team has a lot of strengths, but making technology decisions isn’t one of them — and it shouldn’t be. Our vCIOs work with your staff to gain their intimate knowledge of your business and use our broad perspective and experience.
  • Ensure business continuity – If you don’t have a plan in the event of a disaster, your business can’t weather the storm. We’ll work with you to determine what applications and resources you need and what makes financial sense for your business.
  • Make informed IT decisions – Performing guesswork can be damaging to your bottom line, but how can you be sure you’re making the right technology purchase for your business? Partner with us, and we’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to make strategic IT decisions.
  • Lower technology costs – Did you know that the cost of one hour of downtime averages at an estimated $100,000? We’ll keep a watchful eye on your infrastructure, uncover any issues that could cause potential damage, and ensure your technology is aligned with your business goals.

Server & Network Management

Access our remote PC and Mac support to spot red flags before they cause problems, and experience rapid repairs and maintenance without the hefty bill.

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Remote PC & Mac Support

Align your technology with your needs through our virtual CIO services that give you the benefits of a senior IT executive without the high costs of hiring one.

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