Remote PC & Mac Support

Say goodbye to your computer repair shop, for good

Paying a visit to your local computer repair shop is an outdated and expensive way of getting your machines back on track. If you’re tired of being overcharged and waiting days — or worse weeks — to get your machine back from your computer guy, our remote computer support is your best solution.

Our goal at Tech Turnaround is to end your computer troubles, once and for all. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, we prevent problems from occurring in the first place with remote monitoring and threat prevention. You can count on our team to keep your drivers and software up-to-date, manage your licenses, integrate them with your current equipment, and more.

We all want to have faith in our technology, but not even top-of-the-line PCs and Macs are spared from the occasional IT obstacle.

Tech Turnaround’s Remote PC & Mac Support lets you:

  • Protect valuable data – Your data is the most critical asset to your business, so you can’t leave it vulnerable to cyberthreats. We proactively look for spyware, adware, and viruses to eliminate them from your systems before they cause damage.
  • Boosts uptime – Downtime is disruptive and damaging to your bottom line and productivity. Our remote computer support provides you with a preemptive eye on your systems at all times and quick onsite visits when we can’t get the job done remotely.
  • Empower end users – An unreliable computer and a confused employee is the perfect combination for downtime. We work closely with your team to ensure they understand how to use their machines and applications while feeling comfortable and confident.
  • Enjoy immediate support – When an issue arises, you need it resolved ASAP. We don’t make you schedule an appointment or wait on us to get around to you. The Tech Turnaround team is easily accessible 24/7 and gets you up and running in no time.

Server & Network Management

Access our remote PC and Mac support to spot red flags before they cause problems, and experience rapid repairs and maintenance without the hefty bill.

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Virtual CIO Services

Align your technology with your needs through our virtual CIO services that give you the benefits of a senior IT executive without the high costs of hiring one.

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