Server Hosting
& Colocation

Go virtual and say goodbye to server downtime

Maintaining your server on your own is time-consuming, complicated, expensive, frustrating — the list goes on and on. As a business leader, you don’t have time to worry about software and hardware updates, if your server is being properly maintained, or how you’re going to get back up and running if you experience downtime.

Forward-thinking businesses are realizing they can keep expenses in check while strengthening security by using a shared data center infrastructure. And as your trusted IT partner, we’re here to help. We provide a data center to house your servers, storage, and networking equipment.

Our colocation data center provides you with a reliable, secure environment for critical business systems with maximum uptime and reduced operational exposure.

Tech Turnaround’s Server Hosting & Colocation lets you:

  • Maintain your budget – As you grow, so do your technology needs, and they can get expensive really fast. Our server hosting and colocation services reduce your IT costs by housing and maintaining your server to maximize uptime and give you back precious space in your office.
  • Take advantage of expert support – It takes an expert level of technology experience and knowledge to manage your virtual environment. Our technicians have all the right qualifications to maintain your server hosting and are available for support 24/7.
  • Give security a boost – Security is a big deal, so we stay on top of cybersecurity trends to implement best practices. We use advanced security systems, software, and appliances to protect your colocated infrastructure and the future of your business.
  • Improve system reliability – You know how complicating it is to maintain your own server, and as a business leader, you definitely don’t have the necessary time to spare. When you leave it to the Tech Turnaround team, we can keep a watchful eye on your server and maximize your uptime.

G Suite
Office 365

Give your team prompt support, streamlined processes, and access to the important data and applications on any device from any location.

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Virtualization Support

Let us automate your IT processes and create an expandable environment for computing, storage, and networking resources.

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Free your company from the endless burden of capital investment, maintenance, and keeping up-to-date.

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