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Server and Network Management

Strengthen Your Foundation

What's so great about our
server and network management?

Reduces Overhead Costs

Uncontrolled downtime gets expensive, really fast. Our server management lowers your operating costs with our predictable monthly fee while keeping your infrastructure up and running at full optimization.

Increases Your Productivity

How are you supposed to get anything done when you’re constantly facing server and network interruptions? Our team proactively monitors your systems to eliminate red flags before they become disruptive.

Enhances Security Systems

Data breaches are the most dangerous form of downtime. We implement a multi-layered approach to keep spyware, adware and viruses out of your systems, so you can work with peace of mind knowing you’re protected from every angle.

Gives You 24/7 Support

So you’ve tried managing your network and server without an expert. How does that usually go over? Rest assured that no matter the outcome, a Tech Turnaround technician is just a simple call away – night or day.

I Want Tech Turnaround in My Corner

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Remote PC and
Mac Support

Who has time in their day to make a trip to the local computer repair shop just to be without your device and overcharged? Access our remote PC and Mac support to spot red flags before they cause problems, and experience rapid repairs and maintenance without the hefty bill.

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Virtual CIO

Your technology needs to be aligned with your business goals for you to be successful, but that requires an expert level of technology knowledge. Our virtual CIO services give you the benefits of a senior IT executive while remaining in your budget.

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24-Hour Help
Desk Support

When your technology isn’t functioning properly, your team is less productive, morale plummets and your bottom line takes a hit. With our 24-hour help desk support, the Tech Turnaround team is easily accessible to solve your immediate technology challenges.

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