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Remote Computer Support

Break Up with Your Computer Repair Shop

What's so great about our
remote computer support?

Protects Valuable Data

Your data is the most critical asset to your business, so you can’t leave it vulnerable to cyber threats. We proactively look for spyware, adware and viruses to eliminate them from your systems before they cause damage.

Boosts Your Uptime

Downtime is disruptive and damaging to your bottom line and productivity. Our remote computer support provides you with a preemptive eye on your systems at all times and quick onsite visits when we can’t get the job done remotely.

Empowers End Users

An unreliable computer and a confused employee is the perfect recipe for downtime. We work closely with your team to ensure they understand how to use their machines and applications while feeling comfortable and confident.

Provides Immediate Support

When an issue arises, you need it resolved ASAP. We don’t make you schedule an appointment or wait on us to get around to you. The Tech Turnaround team is easily accessible 24/7 and gets you up and running in record time.

Put Us on the Front Lines

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Server & Network

Server and network downtime damages your revenue and productivity, but ensuring each component is operating at full optimization is a full-time job. You can count on our Houston IT services to monitor your system’s performance, identify issues before disaster strikes and ensure reliability.

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Virtual CIO

Your technology needs to be aligned with your business goals for you to be successful, but that requires an expert level of technology knowledge. Our virtual CIO services give you the benefits of a senior IT executive while remaining in your budget.

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24-Hour Help
Desk Support

When your technology isn’t functioning properly, your team is less productive, morale plummets and your bottom line takes a hit. With our 24-hour help desk support, the Tech Turnaround team is easily accessible to solve your immediate technology challenges.

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