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Virtual CIO Services

Turn your Technology into a Strategic Advantage

What's so great about being
business IT partners

Strengthens Your Team

Your team has a lot of strengths, but making technology decisions isn’t one of them – and it shouldn’t be. Our vCIOs work with your staff to gain their intimate knowledge of your business and use our broad perspective and experience.

Ensures Business Continuity

If you don’t have a plan in the event of a disaster, your business won’t weather the storm. We’ll work with you to determine what applications and resources you need and what makes financial sense for your business.

Make Informed IT Decisions

Making an uninformed IT decision can be damaging to your bottom line, but how can you be sure you’re making the right technology purchase for your business? Partner with us, and we’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to make strategic IT decisions.

Lowers Technology Costs

Did you know the cost of one hour of downtime averages at an estimated $100,000? We’ll keep a watchful eye on your infrastructure, uncover any issues that could cause potential damage and ensure your technology is aligned with your business goals.

I Want to Make Informed IT Decisions

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Remote PC and
Mac Support

Who has time in their day to make a trip to the local computer repair shop just to be without your device and overcharged? Access our remote PC and Mac support to spot red flags before they cause problems, and experience rapid repairs and maintenance without the hefty bill.

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Server & Network

Server and network downtime damages your revenue and productivity, but ensuring each component is operating at full optimization is a full-time job. You can count on our Houston IT services to monitor your system’s performance, identify issues before disaster strikes and ensure reliability.

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24-Hour Help
Desk Support

When your technology isn’t functioning properly, your team is less productive, morale plummets and your bottom line takes a hit. With our 24-hour help desk support, the Tech Turnaround team is easily accessible to solve your immediate technology challenges.

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