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IT Compliance

Cross Compliance off Your Check List

What's so great about our
IT compliance solutions?

Avoids Hefty Fines

Every industry has their own federal regulations, and failure to meet them can result in fines that could shut your business down. With the Tech Turnaround team on your side, we’ll help bring you into compliance and train your staff.

Preserves Client Trust

Your clients do business with you because they value the service you provide to them and believe that their confidential information is protected. Our technicians ensure their data is safe, and preserves your relationship with your clients.

Protects Your Reputation

The collateral damage from a data breach can be paralyzing, and some businesses struggle for years to rebuild their reputation. We prevent you from ever being in that position by closing all the gaps in your system, so your client’s perception of you remains intact.

Provides Expert Advice

How many times have compliance regulations left you scratching your head? When you partner with us, you have 24/7 access to a team of experts to answer all of your questions and concerns, so you can work with peace of mind.

I Want to Safeguard My Data

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Backup and
Recovery Solutions

Systems fail, cybercriminals loom at every corner, people make mistakes – natural or manmade, disasters happen. But, when you have your data backed up and the right plan in place to access it, there’s no disaster you can’t withstand.

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Computer and
Network Security

Protecting your computers and network from malicious online threats is vital to your productivity and security, so why wouldn’t you take every preventative measure necessary? Put Tech Turnaround on the frontlines, and we’ll defend your computers and network from cybercriminals.

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