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Backup and Recovery Solutions

Ensure Reliability and Availability

What's so great about our
backup and recovery solutions?

Ensures Business Continuity

You can never be sure when a disaster will strike, but what you can control is how ready you’ll be when it does occur. When you team up with our technicians, we’ll put proper precautions in place, so you can easily recover your vital data.

Helps Meet Compliance

Federal regulations are constantly changing, and trying to keep up with them can leave you feeling dizzy. We’ll help you navigate the tricky waters of compliance to protect your clients’ private information and your reputation.

Provides Extensive Reporting

At Tech Turnaround, we believe in being transparent with our clients at all times. Our backup and recovery solutions include extensive reporting, so you can always see what’s being backed up and when.

Minimizes Downtime

When you partner with us and a disaster does occur, you won’t have to worry about retrieving your data and losing valued customers. We’ll quickly retrieve your data for you and have you back up and running in no time.

I Want to Safeguard My Data

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

Need more IT services in Houston?

Yes! Let's Chat

IT Compliance

Failure to meet industry-specific regulations only ends in broken customer trust and paralyzing fines. At Tech Turnaround, we know how complex and time-consuming it is to reach compliance. Lean on our team of technicians to help you implement best practice security measures.

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Computer and
Network Security

Protecting your computers and network from malicious online threats is vital to your productivity and security, so why wouldn’t you take every preventative measure necessary? Put Tech Turnaround on the frontlines, and we’ll defend your computers and network from cybercriminals.

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