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Cyber Security Services

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What's included in our
cyber security services?

If cybercriminals find their way into your systems, they have the potential to take down your entire business. At Tech Turnaround, we defend your business tirelessly with a variety of cyber security services, including computer and network security, compliance solutions and backup and recovery planning.

Backup and Recovery

Systems fail, cybercriminals loom at every corner, people make mistakes – natural or manmade, disasters happen. But, when you have your data backed up and the right plan in place to access it, there’s no disaster you can’t withstand.

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Failure to meet industry-specific regulations only ends in broken customer trust and paralyzing fines. At Tech Turnaround, we know how complex and time-consuming it is to reach compliance. Lean on our team of technicians to help you implement best practice security measures.

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Computer and Network Security

Protecting your computers and network from malicious online threats is vital to your productivity and security, so why wouldn’t you take every preventative measure necessary? Put Tech Turnaround on the frontlines, and we’ll defend your computers and network from cybercriminals.

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