Cybersecurity tips for your business

Cybersecurity tips for your business

We are currently in an ever-evolving age of digital business. Many businesses now have a growing number of tech options and solutions that help make enterprise easier, more efficient, and less costly. Cloud solutions and virtual office spaces give companies some much-needed flexibility to adapt their operations as economic and business conditions dictate.

With digital solutions, however, come digital threats. Cybercriminals are constantly devising innovative ways to infiltrate databases, gather private information, and gain access to financial records of companies. For instance, an Adweek report stated that advertisers lost around $19 billion to digital ad fraud in 2018. More pressingly, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (FBI IC3) has reported that cybercrimes are vastly underreported and undercounted; only around 10–12% of the total number of cybercrimes are reported.

Clearly, the risk of cybercrime is very real, which is why it is very important for businesses to take cybersecurity seriously. Here are some tips you should consider to beef up your business’s digital protection:

Establish a cybersecurity strategy

Having a cybersecurity strategy is always a good way to help mitigate problems and control costs. A cybersecurity strategy helps companies develop courses of action for certain issues they may face, such as a brute force attack or a mass leak of user credentials that may involve those of their employees. It will also help identify weak points in the system, so that the company can adopt solutions to cover those weak spots.

Use multifactor authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) are security tools that augment password-based access systems. MFA essentially acts as a second layer of identity verification, so that access wouldn’t be granted even if access credentials were compromised. When MFA is activated, users will be asked to verify their identity through a notification on a pre-vetted mobile device. This way, even if their username and password are stolen, no one will be able to get through to their account.

Have regular training and communication

Employees shouldn’t only undergo training and professional development for their specific lines of work; it is also crucial, in order to uphold the company’s data integrity, to make sure that employee knowledge on cybersecurity is not only relevant, but constantly up to date. Surely, it would be beneficial if your employees knew how to circumvent the ILOVEYOU virus — if it were the year 2000; today, ILOVEYOU is considered to not only be pretty tame, but by most cybersecurity standards, obsolete.

Good training content and communication habits can help ensure that your people are ahead of the cyberthreat development trend. It is key to ensuring that user practices do not compromise data security, and it also fosters a culture of awareness and contingency that many businesses sorely lack.

Get a cybersecurity partner

An easy — and smart — route to beefing up your business’s data security is hiring a managed IT services provider (IT MSP) such as Tech Turnaround. Outsourcing your IT needs will help you tick off several boxes from your IT list at once.

Tech Turnaround offers IT management packages that cover cybersecurity, compliance, and cost-efficiency, so that you can enjoy the benefits a full-sized IT department typically provides for a fraction of the price. This option also removes the burden of deployment from your employees, who may not necessarily be tech and security experts.

Having a responsive and competent IT partner can push your business light-years ahead of its previous state of information security. An added benefit is that MSPs can scale up or down with your business, and that the costs are typically uniform from month to month, helping you manage your finances better.

Secure your network with Houston’s best. Tech Turnaround provides backup & disaster recovery, compliance solutions, and computer & network security services for businesses of all sizes. Call today to schedule your strategy session!

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