Reasons your company might need more IT staff

Reasons your company might need more IT staff

As the world economy approaches total digitization, the IT industry becomes more complex yet more necessary than ever. It is quickly approaching a point where small IT teams simply aren’t enough to meet evolving business needs.

You may not realize it yet, but it is quite likely that your business already needs more IT staff. Here are a few things you should look out for:

Signs you need more IT staff

  • When your operations staff complains of recurring tech issues
  • When the IT department fails to implement IT projects within reasonable timeframes
  • When applications are more often down
  • When the IT team does not contribute any strategic input for the business
  • When your IT staff asks for additional manpower

A trusted alternative

For many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), deploying a full-sized and fully equipped IT department is out of the question. Many SMBs cannot afford to allocate resources to have one.

An alternative that has rightfully gained a lot of traction through the years is managed IT services providers (MSPs). They offer the same services an on-site IT department provides, for a fraction of the cost. Most MSPs use a subscription-style payment model, which makes the solution affordable and scalable — a perfect fit for SMBs.

What can an MSP provide?

Automation and network management

MSPs can offer enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and other server/network management tools to allow you to automate some business processes, such as accounts receivables / payables (AR / AP) scheduling, supply chain planning, and data collection.

Tech Turnaround’s server and network management solution also monitors system performance, identifies and resolves vulnerabilities, and ensures seamless business operations, so you can focus on growth and profitability.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM)

RMM is an increasingly popular IT option because it lets MSPs implement a proactive and preventive solution so that you can have a set of responses ready should certain problems occur. This drastically lessens the need to dispatch a technician, as it will allow them to respond remotely in an expedient and effective manner.

Tech Turnaround has a remote PC & Mac support offering that prevents problems before they happen. The solution protects business data, boosts uptime, empowers end users, and provides immediate, 24/7 support.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Another increasingly popular trend is the use of vCIOs, a welcome solution for SMBs that need a chief information officer but don’t have the resources for one.

Tech Turnaround’s vCIO solution expertly matches your business needs to technology potentials, as it maximizes the capabilities of your resources so that they bring maximum value for your business. vCIOs provide oversight and strategy the way in-house CIOs do — for a fraction of the price.

Still unsure about the benefits of a vCIO? Our tech experts are ready to field any question you may have. Call us today to set an appointment!

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